Pyromart Shipping Policy


As of March 30, 2021


This Delivery Policy explains your delivery obligations as a vendor should you elect to allow shipping for your customers in addition to curb side pick-up.  You are responsible for setting-up the shipping method through your individual Pyromart administration panel.  Pyromart does not  provide any shipping services and will not be responsible for the delivery of the goods.  PyroMart is solely the facilitator of the process through the shipping application programming interface on the website. 


This policy is part of our vendor terms and conditions. By selling on Pyromart, you are agreeing to this policy and our vendor terms and conditions. 


Vendors are responsible for dispatching their sold items on to buyers who elect shipping. Whether you are using a delivery or fulfilment service or delivering yourself, please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your buyers receive their orders and that you are abiding by all local and federal rules and regulations for the shipment of dangerous goods. 

By selling on Pyromart, you agree to: 

  • Provide an accurate "dispatches from" address.
  • Specify your postage costs on your individual Pyromart administration panel
  • Dispatch items promptly after they are sold. Prompt delivery means that you dispatch each item within 30 days of purchase, You can also update your processing time for a specific order through the messaging system with the buyer but both parties must consent if longer than this shipping policy.
  • Provide the buyer with your specific shipping policy, which should be uploaded through your individual Pyromart administration panel and will be made available to buyer at checkout.  Your shipping policy should include whether or not refunds, returns or exchanges are accepted, your shipping costs/procedures, order cancellations, etc.  Please be aware that each locality has its own unique laws relating to product shipping, online order exchanges, cancellations and returns, with which you must be in compliance at all times. 
  • Comply with all local, federal, and international delivery and customs regulations.
  • Dispatch to the address listed on the Pyromart order.
  • Update the order status through your individual Pyromart administration panel to “dispatched” when you dispatch it.  At this time, you can also include the tracking information of the package. Remember that you may only mark an order as “dispatched” after you actually have dispatched it. When you mark an order as dispatched, the buyer will receive a notification.
  • Charge an appropriate amount for postage. US and Canadian vendors may be able to use the calculator postage through the delivery or fulfillment service included on your individual Pyromart administration panel to have postage costs calculated automatically. 
  • By entering tracking information or delivery confirmation on Pyromart, you're giving us permission to collect and share this data received from your chosen delivery carrier with the buyer.


If vendor cannot complete a transaction, and the buyer already submitted his or her payment, the vendor must issue a full refund, including shipping costs. (We encourage buyers and vendors alike to keep record or any refunds in case a dispute arises).


In the unlikely event an order does not arrive, be prepared to provide valid proof of dispatch. Valid proof of dispatch must show that the item actually was dispatched and that it was sent to the address provided on Pyromart. If a buyer does not receive their order or there is an issue with the items shipped, they may file a case against your shop and you will be solely responsible to finding a resolution with the buyer.


Pyromart will not facilitate any returns from buyers and any issues with the shipped goods is the sole responsibility of the vendor.  


You, as vendor, may elect to purchase shipping insurance for the packages you dispatch. However, this will not be facilitated through Pyromart and you should check directly with your delivery or fulfilment provider.